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October 31, 2015
Contact: Will Lyster

Ideals Should Come First at UVA

Letter to the Editor

I was very surprised to read that the University of Virginia allowed a partisan political event to be held for Democrat candidate, Denise Lunsford, on the Lawn. Although residents can use the Lawn as their “personal residence”, should Mr. Jefferson’s University endorse an event promoting closed debate?

According to the news, Ms. Lunsford’s opponent, Robert Tracci, has asked her many times to join him in an open forum to discuss the office of Commonwealth’s Attorney* and provide citizens the opportunity to ask both candidates questions about their background and vision for the office they seek. It appears that Ms. Lunsford has refused to accept Mr. Tracci’s offer. Instead, she chooses to speak to partisan groups, and to attend fundraisers.

No open forum. No open debate. And now the University is a participant in Ms. Lunsford’s plan to deny voters the opportunity to hear from both candidates. It saddens me that Mr. Jefferson’s University has reduced itself, allowing a partisan event to exclude a viable opponent, as well as concerned voters.

Mary M. Baker
4488 Chatham Rd.
Suffolk, VA 23435