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My Priorities

While the Commonwealth’s Attorney is elected, the position must not be a political one. When prosecuting criminal offenders, zip codes and incomes must not matter. Neither must race nor ethnicity, education or social standing, gender or nationality, or whether you live on grounds or off. Prosecutors must also exercise humility and civility in the discharge of their official duties.

My Priorities:

  • Work with area partners and the General Assembly to strengthen post-incarceration reentry programs to reduce recidivism;
  • Secure criminal accountability and equal justice in Albemarle;
  • Protect children, victims of domestic and sexual assault, and elder abuse;
  • Promote community outreach and education to identify and prosecute criminal misconduct;
  • Ensure disclosure of relevant evidence to preserve confidence in the integrity of the legal process;
  • Support expansion of the DNA criminal database to ensure justice for criminal victims and defendants;
  • Support law enforcement.

About the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney:

Article VII, section 4 of the Virginia Constitution provides: “There shall be elected by the qualified voters of each county and city a treasurer, a sheriff, an attorney for the Commonwealth.” The Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is headed by an elected Commonwealth’s Attorney, a Deputy Attorney, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys, and vital support staff.