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My Pledge

Commonwealth’s Attorneys occupy a unique position of public trust directly accountable to the people they serve. Equal justice under law demands that we prosecute conduct, not identity. When prosecuting criminal offenders, zip codes and incomes must not matter. Neither must race nor ethnicity, education or social standing, gender or nationality, social or political pressure. While the Commonwealth’s Attorney is elected, I will continue to ensure this office is not a political one. And I will continue to strive to uphold my oath to preserve and protect the Constitution while upholding the law.

Behind Every Crime is a Victim Who Deserves Justice

Crime is not an academic inquiry or a lifeless statistic. Behind every criminal statistic is a victim who deserves justice. While mindful each case is different, prosecutors must protect public safety, and promote justice by faithfully applying the law.

As your Commonwealth’s Attorney, I have done so while respecting the rights of victims and their families. I have sought alternative treatment and diversion for non-violent offenders who benefit from treatment, not jail. I have also led aggressive prosecutions against violent offenders, criminal gangs, and those who prey on the most vulnerable among us. Finally, I have resisted and will continue to resist outside pressure to bring cases unsupported by the weight of law and evidence.

As Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg Tribunal prosecutor Robert H. Jackson stated:

“The citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor who tempers zeal with human kindness, who seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes, and who approaches his task with humility.”

As your Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will continue to uphold these principles to the best of my ability. And to do so with the dignity and humility you expect.


Robert N. Tracci


My Record

When running for this position in 2015, I highlighted the following priorities:

  • Secure criminal accountability and equal justice in Albemarle;
  • Protect children, victims of domestic and sexual assault, and elder abuse;
  • Promote community outreach and education to identify and prosecute criminal misconduct;
  • Ensure disclosure of relevant evidence to preserve confidence in the integrity of the legal process;
  • Support expansion of the DNA criminal database to ensure justice for criminal victims and defendants;
  • Support law enforcement.

My record reflects these priorities.


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