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My Record

When running for this position in 2015, I highlighted the following priorities:

  • Secure criminal accountability and equal justice in Albemarle;
  • Protect children, victims of domestic and sexual assault, and elder abuse;
  • Promote community outreach and education to identify and prosecute criminal misconduct;
  • Ensure disclosure of relevant evidence to preserve confidence in the integrity of the legal process;
  • Support expansion of the DNA criminal database to ensure justice for criminal victims and defendants;
  • Support law enforcement.

My record reflects these priorities.


Led establishment of first Sexual Assault Response Team in Virginia to incorporate Title IX Representative


Established first Multijurisdiction Grand Jury in Albemarle


Established Jefferson Area Coalition to End Elder Abuse and Exploitation with area partners


Helped lead the establishment of Therapeutic Mental Health Docket


Worked with Sheriff Harding and parents of Hannah Graham to enhance collection of DNA for Class One misdemeanors



Four Life Sentences -- Jesse Matthew

A More Aggressive Approach Toward Commercial Sex Trafficking

July 3, 2017 MS-13 Abduction, Murder, Lynching Deemed Murder, and Gang Participation Case


Events of August 11-12, 2017

The events of August 11-12, 2017 were an attack against our community, Commonwealth, and Country. As I wrote on August 12, 2017:

There is no place for racial supremacy in a pluralistic America. We must rededicate ourselves to the values and ideals that unify rather than divide us. Faith and justice, liberty and equality, respect for the law and for each other, and recognition that our identity as Americans transcends race and gender, ethnicity and political division, religion or national origin.

Following these events, this office prosecuted criminal offenders, resulting in the conviction and ban of a defendant from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This office has sought justice against other offenders, and has been forward-leaning in encouraging those affected by the events of August 11, 2017 to report criminal misconduct to law enforcement at the University of Virginia Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.