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October 19, 2015
Contact: Will Lyster

Where's the Transparency? Denise Lunsford's Campaign Contributions Raise Questions


Eight years ago, Denise Lunsford pledge to bring transparency to the position of Commonwealth's Attorney. 

It is now 2015, and Denise Lunsford files campaign finance reports by hand rather than electronically?  Why? 

Ms. Lunsford’s campaign finance reports make for interesting reading. For example: during the past two reporting periods, she received over $3,000 in campaign contributions from the assisted living industry.

Why did Denise Lunsford’s campaign borrow $7,500 from her domestic partner, assisted living facility owner and Albemarle Democratic Party chairman Richard Brewer in 2010? She was not involved in a campaign at that time, so why did her campaign need the funds and how we they allocated?  And why has this campaign loan not been repaid five years later?

Here is a breakdown of Lunsford's Biggest Contributors:

Health Care Providers $4,450
Attorneys $3,650
Developers $5,000
Wealth Managers $5,750
Politicians $3,200


During the past two financial reporting periods (August 2015 and September 2015), Denise Lunsford has raised $32,000. $22,000 of that amount came from Health Care Providers, Attorneys, Developers, Wealth Managers and Politicians. 

To enhance transparency, Albemarle voters should expect future contribution reports to be submitted electronically.