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November 02, 2015
Contact: Will Lyster

It's Not "just one case," Ms. Lunsford...

November 2, 2015 -- Charlottesville, VA

In the latest effort to divert attention from her eight-year record as Commonwealth's Attorney, Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney candidate Denise Lunsford claims that the Robert Tracci has focused his campaign for Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney on only "one case."  She also asserts that any claims that she prevented a jury from receiving evidence in the Mark Weiner case are "false and defamatory."    

While the Mark Weiner prosecution might represent only "one case" to Ms. Lunsford, it is more than "one case" to Mr. Weiner and his family.  It is their lives.  Mr. Weiner lost his liberty, home, life savings, and time from his family.  Attempting to trivialize and diminish this case is disrespectful to the family and community.  It is also inconsistent with a prosecutor's obligation to seek justice for all citizens.  Next, the Lunsford campaign's effort to silence critics by accusing them of "defamation" won't succeed.  Deirdre Enright, Director of the Innocence Project at University of Virginia, has stated that the jury did not receive evidence that may have exonerated Mr. Weiner. 

Citing "official misconduct," the University of Michigan School of Law added Mr. Weiner to its National Registry of Exonerations.  Dahlia Lithwick of, Lisa Provence of C-VILLE Weekly, Rob Schilling of WINA, and others have reported extensively on my opponent's mishandling of this case.  They have each discussed the fact that the jury was denied evidence that might have led to the exoneration of Mr. Weiner.  Attempting to silence the Weiner family and others with legal claims that lack merit represents an abuse of process inconsistent with the public office of Commonwealth's Attorney.  

The Tracci campaign's October 31st response to this letter can be found here.

Finally, from the beginning of this campaign, Robert Tracci has focused on how he can restore integrity, judgement and fairness to the Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney's office.  He will use his experience prosecuting federal and Virginia law to focus on better protecting children, victims of violence, and the elderly.  He will build public trust and work to expand the DNA database with Sheriff Chip Harding.  He will will never condition the prosecution of cases upon taxpayer funds, and he will always uphold the public trust and dignity of the office.  His priorities can be found here

Mr. Tracci recognizes that every case matters.

Tomorrow is election day.  The Commonwealth's Attorney's office belongs to us all.  It's time to take it back.